The start of the competition and swim entry/exit is located between Varvitori and Forum Marinum near the Suomen Juotsen tall mast ship. Detailed race maps can be found here.


Saturday hosts several starts: JUNIOR CHALLENGE (Child & Adult) at 11:00, JUNIOR CHALLENGE at 11:45, CHALLENGE SUPER SPRINT YOUTH NATIONAL STARTS at 12:45 (men), at 13:45 (women) and age groups at 14:45. For best viewing of the race can be found around Varvintori . The swim in the Aura river can be followed from the swim start point next Swan of Finland sail ship.

The cycling course’s turning point is located at Varvintori on Linnankatu. The run starts from Varvintori and from Meritullinkatu turns to Linnankatu up to Wechterinkuja where it turns back to the long straight stretch toward Varvintori (2 loops). The e finish line is located a Varvintori


On Sunday the middle distance competition will begin at 9:00. Sunday’s competition can be easily viewed from the Varvintori and Forum Marinum area. Supports can easily view the swim from both banks of the river Aura, while the run course also closely follows the river Aura through town.

The bicycle segment can be viewed on the bridges of the E18 highway at Skanssi and thereafter towards Helsinki direction. as the race travels along the E18.

The running starts from the Varvintori and goes along Meritullinkatu. It then goes over Martinsilta bridge before moving upstream to the Aurasilta bridge where it will turn to head back to the Varvintori along a long straight stretch of Meritullinkatu. The course will be run four times and arrive at Varvintori. Sunday’s expected schedule is as follows:


9:00–9:50 Start and swim. (Varvintori)

9:25–9:50 Transition from swim to bike (Varvintori)

9:25–13:30 Bicycle segment (Linnankatu, Vallihaudankatu, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu, Tukholmankatu, Ratapihankatu-Helsingintie-E18 3 x 24km lap and same route back to transition.)

11:35–13:30 Transition from bike to run (Varvintori)

11:35–17:00 Running segment (Varvintori, Meritullinkatu, Linnankatu, Martinsilta, Itäinen rantakatu, Aurasilta, Läntinen rantakatu, Varvintori, Meritullinkatu, total of 4 laps with the finish at Varvintori)

The fastest athletes will complete the course well under 4 hours (3:35 – 3:45)