MIDDLE DISTANCE race at 1 August 2021 gives a challenging but achievable test to push one’s own limits. The Middle Distance race consists of 1,9km of swimming, 90km of cycling and a half marathon of 21,1 km on fast course. You can find the Atheletes’ Guide for 2021 Race here: Athletes Guide Middle Distance

The Middle Distance race will take in the mouth of river Aura going through the heart of Turku.  Elite National Championship Athletes will start first from the water. The Age Group start is a rolling swim start.  The following 90 km bike leg pushes athlete’s endurance but save some gas in the tank, because 21,1 km of running awaits!  The run route will center on the viewer-friendly banks of the River Aura.  Motivation will be high with the usual festive environment found along the riverbanks in August in downtown Turku.

Three disciplines of sport combine to one unique challenge that keeps the athletes coming back year after year. For some, completing a middle-distance triathlon will be a once in a lifetime achievement, while for others it will be a challenge of pushing their body to new limits.

The Middle Distance race 2021 will host Finnish National Championships and will have additional category for National Elite Athletes.  Age group categories are divided into age groups for every five years, the year of your birthday being the decisive factor.

Please observe the cut of times for the Middle Distance (calculated from the start):

  • Swim 1 hour
  • Bike 5 hours
  • Finish  8 hours

The registration fee includes all one would expect from a high-level sporting event as well as complete racecourse nutrition.

Registration to SBR Finland Oy events is binding. In case of a barrier to entry, it is possible to receive refund with a medical certificate. The event organizer does not insure the people involved in the event, and each the participant is responsible of their own insurance.

Middle Distance