Junior Challenge 30 July 2022

A real highlight of the CHALLENGE TURKU triathlon festival is the Junior Challenge which includes also G/B 11, 13 and 15 groups Suomen Cup  (National Youth Cup). G/B 17 and 19 will participate in Sprint distance.


Junior Challenge invites all the youth to participate in the most awesome triathlon extravaganza! Junior Challenge for 7 to 16 years old triathletes will be organised on 30 July 2022 in connection with the Challenge Turku. Junior Challenge will have two categories:

Child / Parent -category is suitable for children 7 years and older accompanied by their parent. Distances are 50M SWIM, 2,5KM BIKE, 1KM RUN. Special Triathlon start is at the same time as Child / Parent start and on the same courses.

G/B 11 years are invited to race at the second start of the day. Distances 150M SWIM, 4.8 KM BIKE, 1 KM RUN.

G/B 13 and 15 groups will start in the third race and the race distances are: 300M SWIM, 7.2 KM BIKE, 2 KM RUN.

Registration fee is only 20 Euros.

Junior Challenge Courses