National Championship Super Sprint 30 July 2022

Challenge Turku has a pleasure and an honor to host the 2022 Youth (U15 / U17 / U19) Super Sprint National Championships. The race will be held on July 30, 2022 as part of Challenge Turku.

The venue offers a stunning setting for both competitors and the audience. The Super Sprint race is compact: swim segment of 300 meters , about 10 km bike segment and 3 km run. The swim  is located next to the historic sail ship the Swan of Finland. The bike segment has a total of 4 laps, the route revolves also around Turku Castle, among other places. The 3 kilometer run also provides entertainment and excitement for the fans as the athletes race along the banks of the Aura River for two laps.

We dare to promise that the race route is unique and fast. Drafting is allowed, so time trial and triathlon bikes are prohibited.

ATHLETE’S GUIDE: kilpailijaopas-ct2022-super-sprint-eng

National Championship Super Sprint U15/U17/U19